Monday, May 14, 2012


 They say firsts are unforgettable. Well, I believe in that. That's why I made a blog entry about my first follower here.

He's Deo Eloi B. Cui. I call him Deo or Deiz. We're not really friends in person, but I know him and I would like to believe that he also knows me. We don't have real convos or real hellos yet, but it amazes me when I recall that I have already seen him many times in Church and in our school even before I knew his name and became friends with him on Facebook.

"He has a strange name", that was what I first thought of. I mean, Deo is a familiar or common name. I have an uncle named Deo. But Eloi is rare. I think it's derived from the Bible, right? And yeah, Cui suggested to me that he has Chinese blood or something. HAHA. Anyway, the bottomline is that, he has a very unique name and I kinda like it.

Even if we were both Mass Communication students, I rarely saw him participate in our org's activities or events or major productions. It even made me think that he's not an active MC student. HAHA. But perhaps it's because of his hectic schedule. I've learned that he's an SK Chairman, and that commitment is enough to make him a very busy person.

Deo is a "thrift fashion addict" and a "photographer in the making". That's what makes him an interesting person for me because I also love taking picures and I'm also fond of observing people who have a peculiar taste for fashion. Sure there are many fashionistas out there, but I can only relate and appreciate the fashion sense of a few. And Deo is one of them.

That's DEO ELOI B. CUI. Cheers to my first follower! And yeah, I'm really looking forward to having my first real conversation with this cute and pogi guy. Follow him! :)


  1. HAHAHAHA ate i am so flattered, i cant believe that you really made a POST for me . :D :D (LAUGHING) I feel privileged, grateful, thrilled and all the words synonymous sa three words :D THANKS ate mav's you made my day .

    1. HAHAHA! Grabeh tawa ko sa comment mo Deo. :"3 You're very much welcome! I'm glad that I was able to make your day. :))