Hi! Just call me Mavi. I’m friendly. :)

I’m from Davao City, Philippines. I’m 21 summers, but I don’t feel it. Age is just a number for me. I’m not immature though, but I’m also not mature enough.

1. I’m not a girly type of girl. I’m a tough one. I always prefer sneakers over sandals, doll shoes over heels, shirts over blouses. I don’t usually put makeup on, unless there is a need to do so.
2. I’m sporty. I play basketball, volleyball, and badminton.
3. I fall in love with extreme adventure.
4. Modesty aside, people say that I’m smart.
5. I’m bubbly and easy to please. I flash a super-duper wide smile on my face almost all the time.
6. I prefer chocolate over vanilla, hugs over kisses. They’re both sweeter.
7. I eat a lot and almost everything. I have adventurous taste buds and an iron stomach.
8. I laugh loud, really! It’s like I don’t care if I burst into laughter even if we are in a public utility jeepney and other passengers are already all eyes on me. It’s my friends who would even remind me to be quiet.
9. I crack jokes sometimes. But most of the time, I let my friends do the joking, and I’d do the laughing. I’m always better at laughing than cracking a joke.
10. I love being surprised! Good surprises, that is.
11. I love making and receiving letters. I keep them.
12. I put tons of effort into wrapping gifts. For me all the effort’s worth it when I see the receiver’s facial reaction of appreciation with how I wrapped his/her gift.
13. I’m not a photographer, but I love taking pictures. I’m happy seeing my friends happy seeing themselves.
14. Generally, there are times that I find it difficult for me to think of that single thing that I really want because I really like lots of things. To illustrate with a fact what I’m trying to say, if someone asked me what my favorite color is, it would take me more or less 5 seconds to answer, “Black. Green? No, blue. Red? I don’t know. I don’t have a single color in mind. I like everything."
15. I’ve big dreams, bigger than Hulk.

I can write and express my thoughts in English.
Pero, mas nakaka-express ako pag Tagalog.
Ug kabalo pud ko mag Binisaya. Mura kog kape, 3-in-1.
Abeki dalup abama jiok orhame. (This one is alien talk, by the way. Haha.)

So this blog is my piece of the virtual world. I write on just about any topic. Follow me! THANK YOU. :)

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