Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Someday we’ll hold hands and swing our arms carelessly while walking on a rainy night.

Someday your world and my world will get along pretty well no matter how different they are now.

Someday I’ll just pop up like mushroom at your gate and surprise you with homemade food we’ll both eat together. Cooking is just one of my frustrations.

Someday we’ll have our theme song and we’ll sing them together even if our voices are like oil and water; they just don’t blend.

Someday we’ll hug each other and never let go until there is a need to.

Someday our friends will ask why are we both smiling at the same time. And we’ll just answer them with our smile.

Someday we’ll be talking on the phone about serious matters like economic crisis and RH bill, and nonsense ones like how gross it is when cockroaches fly and the adventures of Dora. We’ll do this until the wee hours of the morning until we fall asleep. Then we’ll find ourselves waking up realizing that we haven’t said goodbyes.

Someday I’ll be your bubbly company wherever you have to go.

Someday I’ll help you whenever your ma and pa, or whoever, gives you a task.

Someday there will be a surprise, grand or simple, for each day.

Someday we’ll have a tickler where we can jot down anything that will happen to the both of us—small and big fights, personal experiences, times together, whatever. And when we read them we’ll be laughing at mushy notes and will be teary-eyed at funny stories.

Someday you can shout your heart at me and I will be listening to all those #%$!* @#*%$ you have when you get pissed off by some people.

Someday I can whisper to you that whenever I am with you no one can put you down and even stare badly at you.

Someday when you feel like crying, I’ll offer my shoulder for you to lean on and after you cry I’ll give you an ice cream treat for you to feel better.

Someday I will turn your bad day into a good one.

Someday I’ll have the chance, the courage, and the confidence to say to you that I have believed in what they describe as a thin line between lovers and friends ever since I realized that you mean a lot to me.

Someday you and I can do all these things together and for each other.

But sadly, sometimes… SOMEDAY may be a code for NEVER.