Saturday, May 26, 2012


FROM NOW ON, I'll keep reminding myself to be careful not to attach myself easily with people no matter how much they make me happy. People come and go. I don't know what's wrong with me but it seems that people whom I want to keep with me don't stay in my life longer. That happens to me a lot. One minute, we're close. The next thing I know, things change and tug at my heartstrings. Sudden changes definitely suck big time.

FROM NOW ON, I'll keep reminding myself that, for me not to be sad and get hurt, the only people I should be needing in my life are those who need me in theirs too. Keep the ones who keep me and let go of the ones who let me go. It has always been difficult for me because I always do the other way around. I keep holding on, then all of a sudden, they leave. I let myself fall into a pit of illusion that once we get to talk every day and we get to be together every now and then that means they will no longer walk out my life.

FROM NOW ON, I'll think first before I try hard to chase after those who walk out. No matter how much I like to be with them and how much I want to keep them forever, some are just not worthy to be run after. Some really are meant to stay only for a while, and it's ironic that most of the time, they are the ones whom I want to be with always.

FROM NOW ON, these pieces of realization will serve as my boundary not to get myself hurt again, as much as possible. There will be a lot of people for me to meet along the way. Yes I'm friendly but I just have to be extra careful in order to save my little heart. :)

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