Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Finding a job or planning your career path is a battle among different forces: where others think you should be; what people close to you aspires for you; and what your heart honestly whispers to you.

IN ACTUALITY, many voices will try to persuade your mind that you should be here because it is where you are meant to be and that this is the right place for you. Other voices will try to set big dreams for you to follow. But at the end of the day, when you're alone, WHAT YOUR HEART IS TRYING TO TELL YOU IS THE LOUDEST OF THEM ALL.

YOU own your life. As trite as it may be, you only get to live once. Own it. It's yours. They have their own to mind about anyway.

You will never get the real sense of owning your life if you always follow what others plan for you and expect of you. You can only grasp your own life if, and only if, despite the odds you stand firm for what truly makes you happy and contented.

FOLLOW YOUR HEART BECAUSE IT SAYS MUCH ABOUT YOUR HAPPINESS. Sure you will stumble upon disappointment and disapproval of others, and these things will bother you so much. Just take them easy and let them pass. Believe that you have a great potential to be what you want to be for yourself.

IN THIS WORLD where people seem to exist in a big race track where reaching the finish line is equal to meeting the standards of the society regarding success, those who choose to follow their heart are always being belittled. They are seen as individuals who are incapable of reaching the finish line.

NEVER TREAT LIFE AS A RACE. Don't compete with people who are speeding up to reach the finish line in no time. Don't live up to their definition of success, to society's standards of success. Be decisive and mature enough to make your own definition of what, for you, is meant by becoming successful. See success with your own eyes and define it with your own standards.

There are no "big dreams" or "small dreams". It is only the standards of our society that dictate and differentiate dreams as to whether they are "big and impressive" or "small and insignificant", just like how the minds of people are corrupted with the seemingly universal notion of ideal beauty. No one really has the license to evaluate the size of your dreams, and never let anyone do it to you. 

With regards to the matter of finding a job or planning a career path, I stand firm for what the HEART DESIRES over what the MIND DICTATES. Outside forces are very strong to penetrate your mind and control your system, but your heart is all by itself and it only needs one person to fight for what it desires. And that's you.

Go for whatever kind of job that makes you happy because you don't deserve to be sad. Choose something that will excite you to get up from your bed every waking day because the single thought of having to spend another 8 or more hours of your day, which you can't take back anymore, is a pleasure for you.

You definitely know how to make yourself happy. It's right within you from the start. Sometimes it's just being drowned by your constant fear of what others might think of you if you choose to pursue this or that. You know these things for yourself.

Live your own life and love yourself by choosing a job or career that means HAPPINESS for you. Loving yourself is also loving your dreams no matter how the society perceives them to be. :)

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