Saturday, May 19, 2012


Have you ever dared to ask for the leftover drinks of the strangers in the table next to yours the moment they finished eating and after they left? HAHA. WELL, WE DARED. :)

Actually, it was just me and Glaiza who dared to. The rest of them, itinakwil kami. HAHA. Joke. :D

By the way, that was April 1 12 and we were celebrating Glaiza's birthday. So yeah, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, GLAIZA! :D

Here's what happened. After the 7 of us finished eating the BIG (*deep voice*) pizza and everyone's busy chitchatting, I looked around and noticed the half-empty pitcher of iced tea on the table next to us. The people from that table just left and the crew had not cleared their table yet. And so, I got the idea of getting their drinks. 

ME: "May iced tea sa kabilang table oh."
GLAIZA: "Kunin natin!"
THEM: "Pagsure mo uy."

Glaiza was now serious enough to pirate the half-empty pitcher of iced tea. And so she asked one of the resto's crew.

GLAIZA: "Uhm excuse me, ate. Pwede namo pangayuon nang iced tea sa pikas table?"
US: (Grabeng tawa. Nahiya.)
ATE: "Sure, ma'am."
US: (Mas grabeh ang tawa. Mas nahiya.)

At tinabi ni ate ang pitcher sa akin. LOL! So siyempre ako, agad-agad na nilagyan ng iced tea ang baso ko, pati yung kay Glaiza. HAHAHA. Hindi ko na maalala kung sino pa sa amin ang uminom nun. May uminom, meron ding hindi kasi galing sa kabilang table. HAHAHAHAHA! Nung sandaling yun, hindi ko maexplain yung nafeel ko. Nahiya na naawa na sobrang natawa. HAHAHA. :))

MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! Now we dare all of you to do the same dare we dared to do. >:PPP

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