Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Dear You

Dear YOU,

Life gives you a fairy tale when a person gifted with talents and who was born to perform is totally in love with you. You should know that you are that person's inspiration in everything he/she does, and being an inspiration should send you that unexplainable, enchanting feeling that seems to make you fall even more in love with him/her.

The special attention you give to that person is the reason why he/she could easily put into mind his/her lines for an upcoming play in which he/she has a starring role.

Your random hugs and kisses are the sweetest melodies that he/she needs to be able to finish making his/her latest, original song that will surely take your breath away.

Your captivating presence gives that person the energy and confidence to dance his/her heart out like no one else is around.

The times you spend together tickle his/her creative imagination that lets him/her sketch yet another beautiful, vivid picture.

The sound of your voice as you carefully speak to that person on the phone before you sleep at night gives him/her that happy, jumpy feeling that causes him/her to stay up until the wee hours of the morning, busy writing about his/her love story with you. 

Life gives you a fairy tale when a person gifted with talents and who was born to perform is totally in love with you. Each time he/she performs, he/she doesn't really care how big or small the audience is. For as long as you are on the front row, that person will surely give his/her best shot for you. That person wants to be in your limelight. You are the one he/she would always try to impress.

Life has given you a fairy tale if you have this kind of person in your life right now. Keep your relationship and think umpteen times before letting that person go.

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