Tuesday, June 26, 2012

(Wrap It!) ~~ Use Old Biscuit Tins For Your Gift

Last Christmas 2011, I became a godmother for the first time! Oh, dang. :P Here I'm gonna share how I wrapped or packaged my 1st gift for my 1st godchild, Baby Samantha Belle. :)

WRAPPED WITH MUCH LOVE (never mind my face haha you won't bother looking at yourself in the mirror when you're too busy wrapping gifts hehe :p )

TIP # 1: To give your packaging a more personalized touch, you can actually layout and print your own gift wrapper. Here I made a colorful wrapper full of "Samantha Belle" on it and had it printed on a long, white bond paper. Then, I cut it out and glued it on the biscuit tin, covering the outside part of it. :)

TIP # 2: Using a Japanese paper, stuff the inside of the biscuit tin before putting your gift in it. (Oh it's so stuffy I'm gonna diiiieee :P ) 

TIP # 3:  For the ribbon, use paper twine. It's easier to create and form a ribbon using paper twines than plastic/fancy ribbon...lace...string...(I don't actually know the right term for it. :D )

THAT'S IT! I didn't need scotch tape for this, only glue and stapler. By the way, here's another tip. When you wrap, feel free to use glue or stapler instead of scotch tape. It's less of a hassle, and it gives your gift a more tidy look. :)

I'm not really into using paper gift bags when I give gifts because, for me, it lacks effort. Haha. I mean, you can easily put your gift into it and... Tada! You're done! 

I put myself into the way I wrap my gifts especially to my special someones because it simply makes me happy seeing them happy and surprised when they see their gifts. 

And one more thing, I'm not a rich kid so I'm not really into giving extravagant gifts. So I just make it up through wrapping. Hehe. :)


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