Tuesday, July 10, 2012

TUTORIAL ON HOW TO COMBAT A UFO (or Unidentified Flying Ok-ok)

You are having a good time FB-ing, then suddenly you hear the sound of a flying ipis and you start to freak out.

So this is how you protect yourself from that unwanted small creature that is very nakakapraning when it flies. ;)

Simple. Pirst, you go to your bedroom and get your bespren kumot or blanket in English.

Then, you wear it like a veil or like an Abu member. Be sure that your arms are also covered and protected.

Third, you go back with a high level of conpidence that the ipis will not be able to land on your skin especially on your neck area because that area has a high level of sensitivity.

Fourth, when the UFO is now lost in space and you think that you’re free, grab your camera and take photos of yourself like these, showing that you survived the hulga sa kinabuhi or death threat.

Then you make a collage out of the photos and chadan! You can now see how freakish your face is just because of that ifish. :))

Alright, so the next time you have that unwanted visitor in your house, follow these steps and I assure you that everyching will be under your control. Ting! ;)

At your service,
Mavi Giggle :D

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